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Wellness in-flight on private jet charter – Travel Daily News International


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Traveling by private jet offers many health and safety advantages, allowing passengers to travel to their destination with peace of mind.
Staying healthy and feeling safe while flying was always a top priority for passengers, and it's becoming a more demanding standard. Because commercial air travel cannot assure such conditions, the spotlight shifts to private jet services.
Flying private is usually associated with luxury for the rich and famous, but its benefits now include many health and safety advantages. Inflight well-being became an aspiration for many individuals, and companies are moving on to private travel rather than business class on commercial planes.
Years of experience of private jet companies apply to specific and even individual needs of passengers. The services are becoming more adjustable, and travelers have a wide variety to choose from for their convenience. From nutritious meals to temperature on-board, to clean air and comfortable seats – everything's already included in the total price. And it's only a patch of what private jet charter can offer. 
In-flight wellness is a complex aim, where every little detail is essential, and even cabin lighting, humidity, flying height are making quite a large role. If previously mentioned factors controlled well, it can reduce or withdraw typical jet lag and motion sickness issues. 
Here's why private jet charters are the best choice for in-flight wellness and have become a top-quality standard for travel.
What causes jet lag?
While traveling privately, one of the passengers' top priorities is to avoid jet lag. This unpleasant shock to the body is caused when the internal body clock is disrupted. Usually, it occurs when passengers fly from one timezone to another, and the internal clock shifts for a couple of hours or even more. If one timezone is crossed, it takes from one to two days to recover. 
The outcomes are very unpleasant: from sleeping disruptions to increased hunger and blood pressure changes. Severe side-effects are harmful to health, but flying via private jet can avoid these outcomes. Air charter services allow you to make changes on your travel route so that you can minimize the timezones crossed and prevent body shock from jet lag.

Carefully-sheduled and fast departure
Any private jet company can schedule departure time considering your personal needs and well-being. It means that you can flexibly set your departure date whenever you want to travel – day or night or even reschedule the take-off date if you are feeling unwell.  
Another advantage is a much quicker ascendance of a private jet, which reduces the minimum ear clogging and other unpleasant symptoms of the take-off caused by the pressure fluctuations. Regular commercial aircraft may reach its cruising altitude in approximately 10 minutes. In contrast, a private jet can achieve its flight height twice as fast – as little as in five minutes, making a significant difference to passengers' well-being.
Healthy eating and drinking on-board
While traveling by aircraft, it is essential to stick to a healthy food diet. Eating at your usual dining time reduces stress to your body and maintains a regular body clock. Private jet charters always offer health-conscious options for your fine dining while flying. There is no doubt that freshly cooked steak, grilled chicken, or fish is a top option for your dinner in the air. However, commercial airlines can barely offer the food of such quality. On a private aircraft, you can pre-order vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten-free alternatives of bespoke catering and stick to healthy eating habits.

According to European travel medicine specialists the human body loses more water on the plane than on the ground. Dehydration is critical to jet lag consequences – that is why drinking water during the flight is neccessary. Private jet charters always offer still water just before take-off and right after it. If you want to minimize chances of jet lag, it is also recommended to avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages while flying. 
Adjustable lighting and quality sleep 
Choosing a private aircraft allows people to experience full wellness in-flight. Most private jets offer spacious cabins and comfortable seats to reach maximum relaxation, and some even have private bedrooms on-board. Quality sleep and a persistent rest pattern are the essentials that help to avoid jet lag. 
High-tech lighting systems that automatically adjust to passenger biological rhythm help to maintain a regular body clock. Precisely programmed lighting reduces the light brightness in the cabin if you travel in the evening and vice versa if you travel in the early mornings. In contrast, on commercial airlines, passengers are frequently disrupted by accidental internal light changes. 

Anti-bacterial lighting
Private jets have an extra layer of protection, highly connected with lighting systems on-board – antimicrobial LED lights installed in the airplane's lavatories. The latest updates of non-UVA lighting reduce the spread of bacteria and help to improve cleanliness. It assures health safety on charter flights. This protective system was developed and installed in private jets long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but today it is significantly more critical than ever. 
Fresh air and humidity
One of the most significant advantages related to passengers' health and safety is extremely clean air on-board. According to Chapman Freeborn, the global aircraft charter specialist, clean air on private jets has always been a top-notch standard.
There is a myth that the air on-board an aircraft is 'sealed in.'  In reality, the air is fed from the outside and completely refreshed every few minutes. When you breathe in, roughly 50% of that air is refiltered, and 50% is the 'fresh air' fed via the engine compressors before being cooled via ducting in the wings.
Fresh air can reduce jet lag possibility as well as lower humidity on the aircraft. Most private jets have high-performance cabin systems that automatically or based on passengers' well-being can adjust the cabin's temperature and humidity. 

Above the weather – less stress
The final and quite an essential perk of private jet safety is that they are much smaller than commercial airliners. Naturally, it seems like a disadvantage, as they are more sensitive to disturbing elements such as turbulence caused by bad weather conditions. This phenomenon might cause stress for passengers and bring negative emotions throughout the flight experience.

However, a little less known fact is that chartered aircraft can avoid stormy weather patterns due to having permission to reach much higher altitudes. Whereas commercial airlines cruise at an average of 35,000ft, many private jets operate at over 41,000ft, with some going even higher if the situation calls for it. 
Therefore, if there is a storm in the way, private jets can maneuver above it with ease assuring less stress to passengers and harmful disruptions to the human body.
Private jet charters – the easiest way to travel
Wellness in-flight is determined by many factors, from aircraft ascendance to the cabin's oxygen circulation during the flight, cruising height, and proper food and drinks. Those factors are directly linked and affect the human body and well-being. Traveling by private jet offers many health and safety advantages, allowing passengers to travel to their destination with peace of mind.
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