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SharedCharter carves out new “People-First” niche in private jet charter marketplace – Travel Daily News International

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Disruptive flight-Share Approach Connects Travelers Before Itineraries Are Set.
BOCA RATON, FL – Competition in today’s private jet charter marketplace has significantly risen since the onset of COVID and many new companies are vying for a share of this highly desired consumer market. The hottest trend, flight-sharing led by Florida-based SharedCharter, is upending established business models that until now have fallen into these categories: air charter open marketplaces, operator direct-to-consumer, membership programs and fractional ownerships. The central theme of these models is built around aircraft operators filling existing flights, or customers being tied to a singular membership. Founded in October 2020 by veteran pilot Carl Marbach, SharedCharter has created a new “people-first” niche that matches up travelers at the onset of the planning process and fills empty seats after. The company’s model allows potential flyers to find other travelers to share desired flights, and once a match is made, they source the perfect aircraft for the trip and facilitate all other luxury amenities one expects by flying private.
Another key feature with SharedCharter is travelers are not limited by aircraft or location. The company works with a pre-qualified network of private jet brokers and operators enabling users to fly to and from airports across North America on the FAA Certified Part 135 air carrier that fits the profile of the proposed trip.
“Our approach is different from other private jet services in that we match up one or more travelers looking to take the same itinerary before anything else is discussed,” says Marbach. “We also offer travelers more flight options by aggregating all available flights matched with their desired departure date and destination. No one else does this.”
With significant per-ticket savings available for the first time, SharedCharter’s “people-first” philosophy is creating a new option for flyers to share their private air travel.
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