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Aviation Blog Helps Consumers Navigate Maze Of Private Jet Options – PRNewswire


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Website Enables Buyers To Find Best Private Jet Solution To Fit Their Needs
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Nov 25, 2020, 09:07 ET
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TULSA, Okla., Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — has launched the first and only statistical analysis system that incorporates a proprietary algorithm to provide consumers with the most appropriate private aviation solution based upon their specific needs and facilitates personal introductions to the private aviation companies with whom they are systemically matched. Developed by Freeform Agency, a marketing technology firm that has connected more than 1,000 web applications to drive consumer purchasing, the website is a revolutionary tool that uses the company’s proprietary Axis 1 algorithm to find the best private jet membership or ownership option for consumers based on specific needs and preferences. The announcement was made by Bryan Wilks, Founder & Owner, and Shea Roach, Co-Founder, of FreeForm.
Recently ranked the second-fastest growing company in Oklahoma, Freeform is an Inc. 500 digital marketing technology company that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to accelerate innovation and growth for companies across the public and private sectors. Freeform has worked with a variety of companies since its launch in 2013, and has contributed to numerous successful ventures, including multiple portfolio companies backed by global investment firm KKR, such as BrightView, North America’s industry leader in commercial landscaping, manufacturing leader The Crosby Group and the sporting goods retailer Academy Sports, as well as private equity firms including Gladstone Investment Corporation and Argonaut Private Equity. With over 2,000 FAA-certified private aircraft operators across the United States, offering over 3,500 unique programs, with varying aircraft sizes and types, pilot training programs, and safety certifications, the launch of comes at an opportune time as the demand for private aviation solutions continues to rise.
"We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the myriad of private jet travel options, from charters, jet cards, fractional ownership and whole ownership," said Mr. Wilks. "Through our proprietary technology, and deeply integrated industry research, users can now explore our customized aviation filter and download our free resources to access curated options and various comparative competitive grids to fit their individual needs." uses a proprietary algorithm that considers over 1,000 unique combinations to assess and identify the best private jet solution for customers quickly, efficiently and effectively. These factors include a user’s primary city of origin, frequent destinations, aircraft size requirements, range requirements, annual utilization, budget, and tax benefit considerations. By analyzing these factors against the 3,500 different program offerings available from the 2,000+ private jet operators, identifies the most appropriate private jet solutions for consumers and facilitates the introduction to the corresponding private aviation provider. In addition to serving as an educational resource for individuals new or unfamiliar with the private aviation industry, the process also encompasses advanced SAS technology that measures users’ preferences and selections on the site to better curate results and improve future recommendations for its users.
With Freeform’s experience rooted in digital expertise, customized proprietary technology, and deeply integrated research, quickly and effectively closes the gap between the consumer and the best private jet operator to fit their needs. In working jointly with Freeform, continually collects data on rigorous safety standards, program costs, among many other factors, to take the guesswork out of selecting the right private jet solution. To further increase its expansive database, is inviting additional private jet operators, not already in its system, to join now through its Partner program and become an approved operator for matching with its users.
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About Private Jet Cost is the first and only free statistical analysis system in the private aviation industry that uses proprietary algorithms to help consumers find the best private jet solution based on specific needs and preferences. Developed by FreeForm, a Tulsa-based design and marketing agency connecting a myriad of web apps to drive consumer purchasing, is a revolutionary educational resource that aligns the consumer in parallel with the private jet operator. With advanced SAS technology, the service also assesses users’ selections on the site to provide curated results, comparative competitive grids, and enhanced future recommendations.
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