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Block Charters

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A block charter of 25-hours is purchased for a set price (e.g., 25-hours for $150,000). The type of aircraft is specified (e.g. light jet), along with a specific service provider or category of provider.

Air Services

There is a single point of contact for scheduling. The price guarantee and length of contract has a time limit of a year; most programs will allow the use of unused amounts after contract end, but at a different price. Availability may be guaranteed if booked in advance. You may get an aircraft with as little as 24-hours advanced notice.

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In a block charter the provider guarantees the level of service. Some programs also offer concierge services by booking ground transportation, hotels and even obtaining tickets to special events or restaurant reservations.

Availability: With traditional charter, you do not have a guaranteed aircraft when you call. If the aircraft you require is not available, you may have to book a larger, more costly aircraft, or look elsewhere. If your aircraft category is not available, the provider will supply the equivalent or superior aircraft. For example if the Hawker 800XP is not available you may get a larger Challenger 604 at the same price.

Why Block Charter

Advantage of Block charter

Cost Savings: Purchasing charter in advance secures a guaranteed price that does not increase during the length of the contract. Many programs do stipulate a variable fuel cost surcharge to account for the volatility of fuel prices.

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