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Priester Aviation Partners in ERAU's Project Liftoff | Business Aviation News – Aviation International News


Priester Aviation will support Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) David B. O’Maley College of Business in its Project Liftoff program through a $50,000 contribution for scholarships over the next five years. The program, aimed at developing a more diverse and inclusive aviation talent pool, will also be supported by the Illinois-based aircraft management and charter company's chairman and CEO, Andy Priester, who will serve as a mentor and guest speaker at ERAU’s business college.
Students who attend the college are prepared for high-level careers that could include marketing multi-million-dollar aircraft or creating a strategic plan for a global charter company. About 94 percent of its students are either employed or pursue advanced degrees within one year of earning their bachelor’s degree, according to Priester. Indiana native Jerry Bracey II will be the first Project Liftoff student this fall and plans to study the business of flight.
“The business of aviation has grown increasingly complex, and Project Liftoff helps ensure we have a diverse pool of dynamic, safety-first leaders who are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead,” said Priester, who began his career as a teacher, holding a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Concordia University Chicago.
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