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Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt, commanding officer of USS Abraham Lincoln, speaks on Nov. 11, 2021, during USS Abraham Lincoln’s 32nd commissioning anniversary and Veterans Day commemoration on the mess decks. (Lake Fultz/U.S. Navy)
(Tribune News Service) — As the USS Abraham Lincoln sailed into San Diego Thursday, Aug. 11, with two destroyers in tow and some 6,000 sailors and Marines aboard, it marked the completion of a U.S. military first: Navy Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt has now completed her first mission as the first woman to command a U.S. aircraft carrier.
The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier left for a routine deployment to the Indo-Pacific region — generally ranging from the Philippines to the South China Sea — on Jan. 3. Over the next eight months, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the other ships encountered everything from the Chinese military to whale-awareness training.
For the Marines, the exercise also included the first deployment of F-35C fighters aboard an aircraft carrier. The plane is widely viewed as an innovative weapon capable of both military and intelligence operations.
In a phone call from aboard the Lincoln, just a day before the strike group returned to Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, Bauernschmidt noted her accomplishment and spoke about the mission.
“I don’t think there is any greater responsibility than taking over an aircraft carrier and being responsible for 6,000 Marines and sailors,” she said.
She described the crew — with an average age of 21.8 years old — as the backbone of the strike group’s success and said they should be credited for their accomplishments. Bauernschmidt also threw credit to commanders aboard the other ships in the group and the support she got from them.
“I woke up every day with a smile on my face knowing I’m driving this incredible warship,” she said.
“What (sailors and Marines) did mattered,” Bauernschmidt added. “And their hard work made the difference.”
Bauernschmidt termed the Marine aerial integration “seamless and flawless.”
Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt has completed her first mission as commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln, the first woman selected to command a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. (U.S. Navy)
Even when the F-35s were grounded (to check on possible issues with the pilots’ ejector seats) the strike group didn’t miss a beat. The Air Force first discovered the problem in April and in late July and August, all military F-35s were grounded.
“We had the right people and parts,” she said. “There was no impact to the warship at all.”
The F-35s are known for their weapons systems and are being heralded as the jet fighter of the future. Bauernschmidt views that description as apt.
“The situational awareness (the F-35s) were able to provide was incredible,” she said.
The USS Abraham Lincoln was accompanied by the destroyers the USS Mobile Bay, USS Fitzgerald, USS Gridley, USS Sampson, and USS Spruance. The Mobile Bay and Spruance are homeported in San Diego, while the Gridley and Samson returned to Washington state Thursday. The Fitzgerald is expected to sail home back to San Diego in the next few months, U.S. 3rd Fleet officials said.
The strike group — which collectively was commanded by Rear Adm. J.T. Anderson — sailed over 65,000 nautical miles. During that time it helped with freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce on the seas. It also participated in international exercises Noble Fusion, in February, and Jungle Warfare, in March. In both exercises, sailors and Marines trained with the Japanese Self-Defense Force. In late June and July, the strike group participated in Exercise Rim of the Pacific, a joint training venture that included 26 nations.
In the South China Sea — among the most heavily navigated waters in the world — the Lincoln strike group joined the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group to demonstrate the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s ability to deliver a powerful maritime force. Combined, those ships carried 14,000 sailors and Marines.
While near China, in January, February and March, the ships were frequently shadowed by Chinese warships, Bauernschmidt said.
Though the shadowing isn’t unusual there was no report of a threat or a fear of military escalation, the contact came during a year when tensions between China and the United States are comparatively high. It’s unknown how close the Chinese ships were away from U.S. military vessels.
Bauernschmidt characterized the interaction with the Chinese as “safe and professional,” adding that “mostly they shadowed our ship just like they shadow any ship that operates in that area.” She said some of the strike group’s aircraft also had some interaction with Chinese aircraft but it “remained safe and professional every time we interacted with them.”
The mission, she added, “demonstrated to countries in the region that we support them and their international rights.” The crew “directly contributed to the preservation of the freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in the region. What they did matters, and their hard work made the difference in the region and for our nation.”
Sailors and marines line the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) as it deploys from San Diego on Monday, Jan. 3, 2022. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)
Though it was her first command aboard the carrier, Bauernschmidt said she didn’t spend much time posing for pictures and kept the deployment “all business.”
She called the future for women in the Navy “bright” and added that the Navy was already ahead of other service branches in bringing women into combat and command roles.
The mission also included training that was more about animal and environmental protection than the military.
While the ships were off Hawaii and Southern California, the sailors under Bauernschmidt’s command participated in an international exercise aimed at raising awareness about how to protect marine mammals.
The waters where they were sailing are home to many species of whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life. Last year, four whales in the area were struck by U.S. and Australian military vessels. And, in June, Navy officials asked the National Marine Fisheries Service for some wiggle room in a deal they’ve struck over training in the Pacific Ocean, saying it would be hard to guarantee that Navy ships might not hit another whale before the agreement runs out in late 2025.
Two whales of unknown species were struck and killed by Navy ships last June and July. And in May 2021, two fin whales, determined to likely have been mother and calf, were struck and killed by a visiting Australian Navy destroyer. The ship sailed into San Diego Bay with the whales hanging off its bow and several days later, one washed up at Bolsa Chica Beach.
As part of new protocols enacted after those whales were killed, the Navy put its sailors through more training to recognize the presence of marine animals and avoid them.
“We have environmental considerations in everything we do,” Bauernschmidt said. “We have multiple lookouts, and we record any marine mammals we see.”
Bauernschmidt called the overall mission a success. She said despite growing tension over China and its interaction with Taiwan, she would have no concerns about returning to the area.
“If I was out there right now, I’d have no more concerns than I had before,” she said.
Speaking on behalf of the strike group, Rear Adm. Anderson said the deployment underlines the importance of the U.S. relationship with its allies.
“Throughout the Indo-Pacific, it is clear how significant our relationships are with our allies and partners and how impactful every single Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group Sailor and Marine has been since we departed in January,” he said.
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With a $65 million price tag, the Gulfstream 650ER is the everyone-who’s-anyone plane for the gilded class. Jeff Bezos has one. So does Elon Musk.
Compared to the world’s biggest, swankiest and most expensive private jets, it might as well be a toy. 
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Some of the world’s most luxurious private planes are owned by heads of state or royalty. Others are owned by outlaw oligarchs or one-percenters who are so secretive that the world knows the plane but not the owner. 
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All, however, put standard-issue private jets to shame. Here’s a look at the top four.
Cost: $350 million
Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the world has learned about Russia’s oligarchs and their inventory of enviable toys. Governments around the world have been scrambling to confiscate their mega-yachts and super planes. 
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Among them is metal magnate and close Putin ally Alisher Usmanov — one of the richest people in Russia and the world — who is now facing tough sanctions from the U.S. and other countries.
His plane of choice is the Airbus A340-300. According to Private Jet Charter, he paid $230 million for the plane and then spent $170 million tricking it out with amenities such as a luxury dining room and ultra-luxe bedrooms suites.
Cost: $366 million before luxury customization
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Lufthansa Technik is a global aircraft services company known for designing the world’s most elite airplane interiors — and the Airbus ACJ350 Custom is the jewel in its crown. According to the Robb Report, its two Rolls-Royce Trent engines can fly up to 12,400 miles on a full tank of gas — literally enough to fly nonstop to anywhere on the planet. 
Known unofficially as the “flying penthouse,” it boasts 2,900 square feet of flexible living space that can be closed off or opened up depending on how much privacy you and your guests need during that specific flight. 
There’s a VIP bath and bedroom in the front of the plane, as well as an office and a lounge. There’s another lounge in the middle of the plane, along with a formal dining area and a full galley for luxury meal service, with an induction cooking system that wastes no heat. In the back by the tail, there’s a full spa where guests can go for massages, steam baths and showers.  
Cost: $376 million before luxury customization
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To capitalize on demand from ultra-wealthy jet-setters who wanted ultra-luxury jumbo jets converted into private planes, Boeing began selling VIP versions of its 737 — but even that was too small for one high roller. In 2016, a client — who remains confidential — took delivery of a custom Boeing 747, according to Business Insider. The longest and second-largest airplane ever built, it comes complete with 4,786 square feet of space to hang out in while you fly. 
Some of that square footage is dedicated to a stateroom with its own lounge. More goes to an enormous office and conference room. Another section of the plane has a regal master bedroom with adjacent sleeping suites for guests. 
Every inch of the plane is built with the finest materials and most cutting-edge components. Those who have been inside one have said that it dwarfs the accommodations of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Each one is custom-built to the exact specifications of the client. 
Cost: $5.3 billion for a pair ($2.65 billion each)
The most famous plane in the world (thanks, Harrison Ford), Air Force One is actually two planes. The new pair, which President Biden will be the first commander-in-chief to ride in, costs $5.3 billion, according to Defense One. 
Each of the new Boeing model 747-8 jets costs around $800 million, with the rest of the gargantuan price tag going to a new hangar at Andrews Air Force Base and all of those super-cool and highly classified modifications that have made the plane so famous. They will replace the aging VC-25A models, which have been keeping presidents safe and on schedule since the George H.W. Bush administration.
The so-called “presidential configuration” is not simple to operate — the 100,000-page owner’s manual alone costs $84 million. Although it won’t be able to refuel mid-air like the current model, the new flying White House will have a range of 5,900 nautical miles, enough to make it to every populated continent from Washington, according to Business Insider. It will be bigger and more fuel-efficient than the current model, but one change will be immediately evident to all who see it: The iconic blue and white paint job might be replaced with something more reddish.
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Volocopter, Awery Aviation Software, Air New Zealand Airpoints, Emirates, China Airlines, Naviair, Frequentis, Aergo Capital, AerCap, Skandia, Hans Airways, Collinson, Visa conducts first crewed eVTOL flight in France: On 21 March Volocopter became a two-time pioneer as the first eVTOL developer to conduct both crewed and remotely piloted test flights in France. The crewed flights were part of a week-long urban air mobility (UAM) test campaign that will give Volocopter and its partners – Groupe ADP and RATP Group – key insights for subsequently launching the UAM industry in time for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Volocopter’s full-scale testing prototype, the 2X, was used to perform successful flight tests at Pontoise airfield in Paris to measure the aircraft’s noise emissions. This data will be used by the company’s partners to shape the future of urban air mobility services in and around Paris. “We have demonstrated our pioneering power once again here in Paris,” said Volocopter’s chief commercial officer Christian Bauer. “By flying our aircraft in a crewed configuration at a Paris airport, we are proving to one of our launch cities firsthand that our aircraft will offer a practical addition for potential airport-to-city routes.”
Awery Aviation Software reports ‘record’ growth: Awery Aviation Software has reported a 400 percent growth in transactions over the last six months with its CargoBooking and eMagic software processing over 4,000 transactions a month. CargoBooking supports airlines and their General Sales Agents (GSAs) to deliver instant air cargo quoting and booking with Application Programming Interface (API) integration to freight forwarders. EMagic converts emailed enquiries in different formats and languages into standard data formats, eliminating the need for manual processing. “After the uncertainties of the last two years, air cargo stakeholders understand the urgent need to digitise in order to ensure they have resilient supply chains that can deliver, whatever crisis they are facing,” said Vitaly Similanets, Chief Executive Officer, Awery. “Our platform can provide the scalable, cost effective solutions they need and our growth is testament to that. As the industry seeks to digitise stakeholders, including airlines and GSA’s, should all be taking a more collaborative approach to data sharing to assist in accelerating transformation.” Similanets went on to stress that although progress with air cargo digitalisation had been significant, there needed to be greater stakeholder understanding as concerns over data sharing and security could create unnecessary bottlenecks. Awery’s growth over the previous six months has been a testimony to its resilience planning as a large number of Awery’s staff had been Ukraine based. Over the past weeks Awery has helped move the majority of its staff and their families to new offices and homes in Sofia, Bulgaria, and other European cities.
Air New Zealand Airpoints renews its partnership with ANZ: Air New Zealand and ANZ Bank New Zealand have renewed their existing partnership relating to the Air New Zealand Airpoints programme for another five years. The strategic partnership between the two iconic brands was first established in 2010 and since then has provided thousands of ANZ Airpoints Visa cardholders with Airpoints Dollars and a range of other card benefits. Air New Zealand General Manager Loyalty Kate O’Brien says the re-signing of ANZ will breathe new life into one of the oldest partnerships in the Airpoints programme. This renewed partnership comes at a pivotal moment for the Air New Zealand Airpoints programme and we’ll be working closely with ANZ to explore new products and services to enhance the experience for our mutual customers.” The re-signing of ANZ strengthens the Airpoints programme. Following the recent announcement of a new Airpoints earning partnership with Smiths City and increased product range on the Airpoints Store, Air New Zealand’s loyalty programme offers more choice and greater rewards to valued Airpoints members.
Emirates to re-instate pre-pandemic flight frequencies to India: Emirates has re-introduced pre-pandemic flight frequencies to its destinations in India. The airline will be operating 170 weekly flights to nine cities in the country. The move comes on the back of the decision by the Indian government to restore international flights to and from the country in line with established bilateral agreements from the end of March 2022. Emirates will be operating the following flights: Mumbai- 35 weekly flights; New Delhi- 28 weekly flights; Bengaluru – 24 weekly flights; Chennai- 21 weekly flights; Hyderabad- 21 weekly flights; Kochi- 14 weekly flights; Kolkata – 11 weekly flights; Ahmedabad- nine weekly flights; Thiruvananthapuram – seven weekly flights. Emirates has also brought back its customer-favourite Airbus A380 on a daily basis between Dubai and Mumbai in March 2022. Emirates flight EK 500/ 501 is operated by the iconic double decker aircraft.
China Airlines prepares for increased services: As part of its continuous review of travel demand, China Airlines is planning to increase the number of passenger-carrying services in its summer schedule, starting with a 20 percent increase in services for April and May. Further adjustments will be made on a rolling basis in response to the latest quarantine policies. The global airline industry launched its summer schedule on March 27 and China Airlines will begin increasing its service frequency from the end of March. Cross-strait services consist of the Beijing, Shanghai (Pudong), Xiamen and Chengdu routes. The Songshan-Shanghai (Pudong) route in particular will be increased to six services per week; the Taoyuan-Shanghai (Pudong) route will be increased to five services per week; the Kaohsiung-Shanghai (Pudong) route will be increased to three services per week, while the Hong Kong route will be increased to five passenger-carrying services per week. On Southeast Asian routes from April onwards, Bangkok (Thailand) will be expanded to three services per week; Singapore will be increased to two services per week; Penang (Malaysia) will be increased to one service per week; Manila (Philippines) will be increased to four services per week; Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) will be increased to three services per week, Hanoi (Vietnam) will be increased to three services per week, and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) will be increased to two services per week.
Denmark’s Naviair selects Frequentis ATM: Naviair, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Denmark, will replace its current Clear-The-Sky (CTC) backup Air Traffic Management (ATM) system with a PRISMA backup solution from Frequentis Comsoft, capable of providing continuous traffic handling, for unlimited time periods. The project will form part of an expansion of the Remote Digital Tower (RDT) contract between Frequentis DFS Aerosense GmBH and Naviair. This expansion of the RDT project will build upon the PRISMA APP solution integrated in the RDT system currently being implemented for Billund Approach and Tower. It will include PRISMA Enroute for Naviair’s Area Control Centre (ACC) and APP for approach/tower units in Copenhagen, Billund and Roskilde airports. Naviair selected the integrated digital tower and approach solution from Frequentis DFS Aerosense in early 2020 to manage increasing airspace demand and support the workload of Air Traffic Control Operators (ATCOs). The initial remote tower centre at Billund airport will house the system, which is a combination of a RDT and an approach automation solution (PRISMA APP).
Aergo Capital acquires three B737NGs from AerCap: Aergo Capital Limited has acquired three Boeing 737NG aircraft from AerCap, bearing manufacturer serial number 30692, 30674 and 30705 which are subject to leases with Enter Air, LAM and Ethiopian Airlines respectively. Fred Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Aergo, commented: “We are delighted to have successfully completed the acquisition with AerCap. With this transaction, Aergo has added two new customers to its growing portfolio. We look forward to completing many more transactions together in the future.” Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP acted as lead counsel to Aergo. Aergo is a fast-growing international aircraft leasing platform with established locations in Dublin, New York, Hong Kong and Nairobi. Since 2014, Aergo Capital has partnered with CarVal Investors and is now owned by funds managed by CarVal. Aergo Capital’s current fleet comprises of a mix of widebody, narrowbody and turboprop aircraft with an average age of 8.4 years. As of February 2022, Aergo Capital’s owned and managed portfolio comprised of 204 assets, valued at approximately $4.0 billion and diversified across a portfolio of 31 lessees and 26 countries.
Skandia awarded FAA STCs for acoustic soundproofing: Skandia has received FAA and EASA STC approvals for its acoustic soundproofing kit for the Bombardier Challenger 600 series of business jets. Skandia engineered and tested the soundproofing kit for the Challenger 600 series aircraft in 2020. The kit delivers an exceptional cabin experience, reducing overall dB(SIL) levels significantly with minimal net weight penalty. The remarkable acoustic qualities of the Skandia soundproofing system represent state of the art material and engineering technology. The available Challenger 600 series kit is provided as turnkey with installation schematics and instructions for a straightforward install process. Tanya Morris, Skandia’s Regional Sales Manager, has been key to the company’s efforts in bringing turnkey acoustic solutions to market. This includes the full-spectrum of business aircraft sizes and classes, from turboprop to large cabin jets. “The Bombardier Challenger 600 series STC approvals mark the company’s latest business class aircraft soundproofing STC to have received FAA and EASA approvals. Skandia began the program with approved kits for the King Air 200 and Pilatus PC-12. Now, as we move into larger jet aircraft, we continue to apply our state of the art engineering and material technology to business aircraft of every class. You can expect to see soundproofing kits for even more aircraft in the coming years.  Skandia’s team of acoustic engineers and soundproofing materials are the best in the industry.”
Hans Airways targets summer launch: Hans Airways, the new British long-haul airline, has achieved some significant milestones, taking it closer to realising its plan to start commercial operations in early summer. CEO and founder Satnam Saini is extremely encouraged that India re-opened to international scheduled flights recently. The company formally confirmed its January 2022 Letter of Intent for its first Airbus A330-200 (MSN 950) with a committed contract. The aircraft is now in Abu Dhabi where it is undergoing maintenance checks with Etihad Engineering, overseen by a Hans Airways liaison engineer. The management team and Board is looking forward to securing a proving flight date imminently from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  This operational milestone will be a precursor to obtaining its Air Operator’s Certificate. Twelve newly recruited cabin crew members start their training at Birmingham and Manchester soon, engaged through the Resource Group and Neeru Prabhakar, former cabin service director/trainer/recruitment at British Airways for 30 years, joined Hans Airways last month. This follows the completion of pilot training at the end of January – specifically ground school at IAGO Flight Training, Crawley and simulator training at L3 Harris. Hans Airways is proud to have employed some exceptional commercial pilots, who have garnered experience with a variety of low-cost, legacy and regional airlines.
Collinson Partners with Visa to provide COVID-19 testing: Collinson announced that it has partnered with leading global payments technology company, Visa, to offer a range of pre-departure COVID-19 travel tests, including RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests, to all Visa cardholders. The partnership launched on 25 March and results in COVID-19 testing services being available to Visa cardholders in Singapore, other APAC markets and the United Kingdom. The partnership will allow for a seamless and secure COVID-19 testing process for Visa cardholders, who will be able to book a test at their preferred in-city clinic from a list of testing facilities through Collinson’s website. Upon completion of their test, customers will receive a test certificate with their PCR test results within 36 hours, and within an hour, from the clinic directly, for Rapid Antigen tests; which if negative, can then be used for travel.
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Aergo Capital announces the remarketing of two (2) B787-9 aircraft – Asian Aviation
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TrueNoord leases second Embraer E190 to Cobham Regional Services – Asian Aviation
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Japan Airlines Appoints MedAire As Its Partner for Top-Level Travel Threat and Security Intelligence – Asian Aviation
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SonAir orders two AW139 helicopters to strengthen energy industry support operations in Angola – Asian Aviation
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Improvement in Recovery of Passenger Traffic in Q2 and Cargo Demand Continues – Asian Aviation
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JETMS Completions receives FAA approval for Embraer 505 seat maintenance and modification – Asian Aviation
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Horizon Aircraft Successfully Completes Construction of a 50%-Scale Prototype VTOL Aircraft – Asian Aviation
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Etihad Airways has firmed up its order with Airbus for seven new generation A350F freighters. – Asian Aviation
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US Business Aviation Departures on the rise – Asian Aviation
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JALCARGO debuts distribution partnership with as it prioritizes global digital sales” – Asian Aviation
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