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Nigeria prepares for Covid 19

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This week, health authorities in both South Africa and Egypt, which combined account for over half of all COVID-19 cases recorded on the African continent, have warned of imminent second-wave outbreaks.

Meanwhile, national governments in Sub-Saharan Africa have again cited a general lack of public compliance with safety protocols, including social distancing and mask wearing, as the root cause of resurgence outbreaks.
In order to address this issue, organisations across Africa launched an ‘Africa Mask Week’ on 23 November to raise awareness of the transmission risk and promote the wearing of face coverings in all public spaces.

– Nigeria
The Coordinator of Nigeria’s Presidential Task Force (PTF), which is in charge of orchestrating the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has announced his week that the government will now bar passengers from entering and/or leaving the country for a period of six months if they fail to follow COVID-19 related protocols.
The move is primarily aimed at Nigerian nationals and follows an earlier warning that only one in three travellers who have entered the country via international flights in recent weeks have taken a mandatory PCR test. According to the PTF, the requirement for arrivals to submit to a second test following a period of quarantine is not being widely observed and this is putting local communities at risk by potentially reintroducing cases of the virus from abroad.
In response, the authorities will begin suspending the passports of Nigerian citizens who are caught disobeying the rules. Meanwhile, foreign nationals will also see the immediate cancellation of their visas and may face deportation.
Currently, all passengers arriving in Nigeria are required to provide a negative PCR test result certificate, which must be obtained within two weeks of their planned departure date. International arrivals are also required to complete an online health questionnaire, which will be handed in at the point of entry. In addition, an online portal has been set up which allows travellers to pay for a second COVID-19 test, which is to be performed on the eighth day following their arrival in Nigeria. Passengers must produce evidence that this has been paid for upon arrival. All arrivals are required to self-isolate for seven days until the second test is complete.

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