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MICK HUME: Prince Harry is the one who's peddling falsehoods –


Why are some people reluctant to vaccinate with Covid19? According to the British Medical Association, “there is no easy answer to a complex problem.”
Prince HarryHowever, I am familiar with it. For our “Duke of Epidemiology”, the answer is simple. Vaccine hesitation is all due to the “news” media and is arguably especially the British press.
It was at the GQ Men of the Year Awards London After all, on Wednesday night, the prince, dressed in a black tie and tax, was surprised by a video link from him. California apartment.
He was there to award the talented team behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.
But his Royal Wakeness didn’t miss the chance to put his boots in the media in front of a star-studded audience.

At the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Wednesday night, Prince Harry (pictured) said all hesitation in the Covid-19 vaccine was due to the “news” media.
He said families around the world were overwhelmed by massive misinformation across “news” and social media. [sic] Lies and fears have caused vaccine hesitation and “damaged trust.”
In the exorbitant compilation of “news” and social media, it was the hypocrite Harry who could be accused of forging false information.
As shown in the official transcript of his speech published on GQ’s website, the reverse comma carefully inserted around the word “news” is more than the mass media is liar and crazy. A Twitter or Instagram anti-boxer specifically designed to convey the message that it should not be trusted.
It was yet another exhibition of the prince across the water self-destructing and increasingly derailing hostility towards the press.
If Harry had actually read the news, he would know that there were no “massive false alarms” about the benefits of vaccination in our mainstream newspapers and their online retailers. It’s actually the exact opposite.
And the majority of the British people welcome the deployment of NHS vaccination. As of yesterday, more than 79% had a second vaccination.
The prince’s blatant, two-sided attempt tarred the news media with a kind of cynical “misinformation” brush leak that he likes to accuse of spreading the press.
He said the family was
He said the family was “overwhelmed by large amounts of false information” across “news” and social media. Photo: People protesting the Covid-19 vaccine at Trafalgar Square on July 24
In contrast, of course, there is a large amount of toxic debris for Covid, especially vaccines that have spread to social media and elsewhere on the Internet.
Ironically, when Harry and Megan updated their media policy last January, they signaled a move away from a system that “precedes a dramatic change in news coverage in the digital age.” Share the moments of your life directly with the general public.
They also promised to “interact with grassroots media organizations and young and up-and-coming journalists.”
In a nutshell, they accepted the types of sites and apps that were most responsible for giving home to the Covid vaccine conspiracy theory.
Harry and Megan hate the “news” media. Because, unlike their simple social media fan clubs, the nasty journalists insist on questioning what they are saying and doing and pointing out contradictions.
Why, as recently as last month, the British press was willing to blame Harry for hypocrisy for giving a censorship lecture on carbon emissions before returning from a charity polo match on a private jet. rice field.
When the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess left Britain, they insisted on regaining privacy in a place free of media intrusion.
So they moved to “Celebrity Central” California, conducted a global interview with Oprah Winfrey, and broadcast endless revelations about their most personal feelings and family relationships.
It is now clear that what they really want is not privacy, but “freedom” to tell “their truth” without fear of being questioned or inconsistent with journalists. And it makes people who fail to play their PR games sad.
Harry and Megan hire the most aggressive media lawyers to scare critics of Murd and even threaten to sue BBC News awakened if they deviate from Sussex’s party line. The Queen approved a pair named her daughter Lillibet.
It was a complete coincidence that Harry chose to launch his latest Broadside for the “news” media at a celebrity event where MailOnline columnist Piers Morgan was in the audience.
It was a complete coincidence that MailOnline columnist Piers Morgan (pictured) chose to launch his Broadside against the
It was a complete coincidence that MailOnline columnist Piers Morgan (pictured) chose to launch his Broadside against the “news” media at an event in the audience.
The event took place on the same day that Offcom admitted to Morgan a violation of Good Morning Britain’s broadcast rules, as reported to Oprah, and his pre-marriage and post-marriage Harry and Megan versions of the event. There was criticism that was in dire straits.
Megan even directly appealed to ITV CEO Dame Carolyn McCall (former Guardian CEO) to blame Morgan, and he effectively refused to be fooled by the Duchess. I was kicked out of the GMB because of that.
Ofcom’s judgment, a strong advocate of free speech, states that even though Morgan finds his view to be “very unpleasant,” he “retains a strong view that strictly disagrees with their explanation. We conclude that we have the right to “state.”
Prohibiting such views would be an “unjustified and chilling restriction on freedom of expression for both broadcasters and viewers.”
Like all awakened warriors, Harry and Megan did not recognize “freedom of expression” when they found it in organic muesli. They demand “freedom” from the free press to impose “chilling restrictions” and deny the public the right to judge the truth for ourselves.
Britain’s freedom of the press was won by a fierce battle with royal censorship. The battle ended only when the published word crown license was abolished over 300 years ago.
The last thing we need in the 21st century is an awakened version of high-interest interference in the press by a hypocrite prince who forges false information about the press.
Mick Hume is the author of the Trigger Warning: Does fear of being aggressive kill free speech? Published by William Collins.
MICK HUME: Prince Harry is the one who’s peddling falsehoods  Source link MICK HUME: Prince Harry is the one who’s peddling falsehoods 


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