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Meet The 34-Year-Old Female Pilot Who Wants To Reinvent Jet Charter – Forbes

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Pilot Jessica Fisher’s ideas to innovative in the jet charter sector began with a project she worked … [+] on at Columbia Business School.
“I’ve always loved planes and aviation, and I started taking flying lessons at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York, out on Long Island in the summer of 2012,” FLYJETS founder Jessica Fisher tells us. “The first time I got behind the yoke, I decided I wanted to fly every single day!  It was unbelievable.”
Fisher went on to attend Columbia Business School, but incorporated aviation into a business school project. “I was working on a number of renewable energy projects, and had started to focus on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This study led directly to FLYJETS’ ‘green’ flying focus and helped form the genesis of the company’s direction.’
After graduating, she returned to the cockpit to focus on passing her private pilot exam. After logging 50 hours, passing the exam and completing her first solo, she was sidetracked by a stress fracture. Yet, her commitment to flying remains strong, and she plans to complete her flying requirements and move on to IFR (instrument-based) instruction this year.
The result of her business studies and aviation enthusiasm,  FLYJETS, is less than a year old and offers a thoughtful digital platform (or, think, marketplace) that parses air charter in a more consumer-friendly “AirBnB” style for a customer who seeks simplicity in addition to cost savings. And charter providers can participate on the supply side but simply uploading their charter jet availability into the system.
The FLYJETS booking system is easy, intuitive and perfectly geared towards travelers new to private … [+] aviation charter.
Customers can sort results by preferred aircraft size, location and desired departure times, of course, but it is the first platform to allow exploration of customized routes, offering point-to-point bookings globally. In addition, the FLYJETS software lets you search for full-aircraft charters, available seats on shared charter flights, group purchases and even allows bidding on scheduled charter flights that do not have a fixed price for available seats.
Fisher’s focus is on opening up access to abundant charter lift and availability to more people by making the process every easy and very low-commitment. Membership in FLYJETS is free, you only pay when you transact on a charter trip. In certain conditions, Fisher claims that customers can get on charter flights for as much as half the cost of traditional charter options.
Tapping into an increased interest in flying with as much eco-friendliness as possible, FLYJETS’ loyalty reward program, FLYRewards, increases perks to customers who opt to purchase carbon offsets for their trips and/or select aircraft that use some amount of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The company has also established the FLY Foundation nonprofit, which supports aviation education and safe and sustainable flight initiatives.
A quick check on FLYJETS for an easy New York to DC single-day roundtrip charter yielded results for both a Gulfstream G500 and an Embraer Phenom on the selected day, with prices ranging from about $10,000 to $14,000. Exploring the details of the aircraft and the charter offering in general was a snap and extremely consumer-intuitive.
“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in bookings and requests, and a ton of new flyers…which is really the goal,” Fisher reports. “I’m hoping that by this time next year, we will build enough volume to be even more effective in terms of providing economic benefits to customers via charter flight/empty leg match-ups, group bookings and a forthcoming bid/offer system. The more volume we are able to build on, the more money we’re able to save for flyers. Our goal is to hit one million users by next year.”
Jessica Fisher and an instructor in the cockpit of a Cirrus SR-20 turboprop aircraft.


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