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Irish Airlines Warn Potential Delays Due to Enhanced Checks of Aviation Workers – –


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Irish regional airlines warned that a delay is expected to occur in the weekend, as police forces will run additional check-ups on aviation workers.
According to Irish Times, regional air travelling companies, Aer Lingus and Emerald Airlines expect a delay this weekend, if Garda Siochana, the Irish police forces won’t hurry up to finish the enhanced checks on new applicants, since these companies hire more workers ahead of the summer season, reports.
On January 1, the Irish government adopted an EU directive urging for a detailed background check on those working in aviation new candidates for jobs. As a result, about 35,000-42,000 workers expect additional checks on their backgrounds by Garda in a bid to ensure they can continue working in airlines and airports.
The new rules intend to reveal workers’ criminal records for the past five years, including previous employment and education, along with any gaps in either.
On the other hand, the carriers claim that it is taking more than four weeks to run the checks, which according to them, could be done in 14 days, thus extra police forces devoted to the task should be deployed.
Irish airlines and the aviation industry could hire about 3,000 new workers this year in a bid to recover from the COVID-19 stringent restrictions, which left the industry quite damaged, as Irish tourism experienced €400 million losses in December alone.
Unfortunately, Irish tourism isn’t expected to recover any time soon, as Paul Kelly, the chief executive of the tourism trade transport, Failte Ireland, has stated that the country will not reach the pre-pandemic levels at least until 2026.
More specifically, the travel restrictions imposed by the government have affected tourism a great deal as nearly €12.2 billion in the tourism sector went to waste due to the ongoing pandemic.
Air travel businesses fear the slow pace of check-ups, contributing to congestion as the industry prepares for the summer season. As per the existing staff, air companies aren’t as concerned since workers can apply early to have their passes renewed in a bid to cause fewer potential delays.
Airlines’ representatives also warned non-national applicants to expect even longer delays as these require Garda to contact other police forces.
Moreover, the Irish Department of Transport revealed that new check requirements align with European regulations meant to protect public safety from terrorism threats. The same added that all people holding an airport ID badge might be eligible for such a background check.
>> New Travel Rules Enter Into Force Today in Ireland


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