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Influencers Are Renting Out A Studio That Looks Like A Private Jet – LADbible


Published 17:5326 September 2020 BST
Influencers will go to extreme lengths for the right picture, whether it involves Photoshopping out a stray hair or finding the perfect brick wall to pose against.

But it turns out some are taking things even further, having been called out for renting a room that’s been designed to look like a private jet.
Twitter user @maisonmelissa shared photos of the rental studio, and said: “Nahhhhh I just found out LA ig girlies are using studio sets that look like private jets for their Instagram pics.
It’s crazy that anything you’re looking at could be fake. The setting, the clothes, the body… idk it just kinda of shakes my reality a bit lol.”
According to the Metro, the private jet set has been spotted in snaps of influencers including The 7 Angels, who have 274,000 followers on TikTok, Kennedy Cymone, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and Azra Mian, who has 91,000 followers on Instagram.
Other Twitter users did a bit of digging and found that the space is available to rent on the platform Peerspace, where it’s listed as a rental photo studio with unique Private Jet (Airplane) set and artificial window lights’.
Located in Boyle Heights in LA, the set costs $64 (£50) an hour to rent out for up to 10 people, and comes with a five-star average rating from 37 reviewers.
The online description says: “First in Los Angeles, rental photo studio with unique Private Jet (Airplane) set and artificial window lights. Per multiple requests.
This fabulous 700SF studio with both Private Jet set up and an area for e-commerce/simple portraits shoots.
Included in the stage rental is ‘1 x wireless trigger, 1 x receiver, 3 x alien bees DB800, 3 x alien bees power cords, 3 x light modifiers – your choice of three or any available, 2 x 40″ c-stands, 1 x 20″ c-stand, 1 x mini boom, 3 x sandbags, 3 x a-clamps, 2 x extension cords, 1 x power strip, 1 x full apple box, 2 x v-flats, 1 x rolling cart’, along with a make-up station with ‘dimmable lights and two stools’, a full body mirror, charging area, a speaker with bluetooth/aux cord and even a mini fridge.
At no extra cost, you can also request add-ons such as extension cords, sandbags or fans.
If you need a set that looks like a private jet (because why wouldn’t you?), hit up the Peerspace listing here.
Featured Image Credit: Peerspace
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