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How flying by private jet could be CHEAPER than your normal flight – with open bar and food service… – The US Sun

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BEFORE you book your next flight, maybe ditch the cheap option and go for something more private.
And with long queues at the airport seeing passengers queue for hours, you could save both money and time going for a private jet.
While this may seem out of reach for most families, seats on private planes could be a lot more affordable than you think – costing just a few hundred pounds.
Website Just Jet sells empty leg seats, which are empty flights that have to operate to get the planes from one place to another.
Some of the cheapest option is London to Jersey in July, costing £3,500.
However, this is the whole flight for six people, working out to £583 per person.
This also includes an open bar and full meal service – so while pricier than some flights, is only a few hundred more than economy services.
Even cheaper is a flight from London to Brussels next month, costing £4,500 for eight passengers – working out to £562 per person.
The same flight in July costs as much as £528 – so not much difference for your own private plane experience, when meals and drinks are included.
There are other routes across Europe which are slightly pricier, including to Venice and Majorca, although they also come with your own personal flight attendant.
For example, flights from Paris to Zurich or St Tropez to Ibiza will set you back £750.
Of course, while they won't be as cheap as some budget airlines, it also means you can include your luggage, along with the free food and drink – which many airlines no longer offer.
You can also rent out an entire Ryanair plane, but it's much pricer, costing m ore than £4,000.
Buying your own private jet is out of the question sadly – celebs including Kylie Jenner, who have their own, cost as much as $72million.
We've revealed what it's like in some of the private planes of the rich and famous.
A private jet flight attendant has revealed what it's really like to fly that way.
Another couple revealed how to fly privately for cheaper than a Ryanair ticket.
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