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FlyExclusive to Upgrade Private Jet Fleet with SmartSky In-flight Connectivity – Aviation Today

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By Staff Writer | March 16, 2022
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(Photo: FlyExclusive)
FlyExclusive, the North Carolina-based private jet charter operator that became the fourth largest private jet charter provider in the U.S. last year, is equipping its fleet of private jets with in-flight connectivity supplied by SmartSky Networks.
According to a March 16 press release, FlyExclusive is upgrading its entire fleet, currently equipped with Gogo connectivity, to SmartSky. SmartSky’s IFC network went live earlier this year, and remains on track to provide full coverage throughout the continental U.S. by the end of the second quarter, according to the company.
Tommy Sowers, FlyExclusive’s President commented on the selection in the release, noting that “after a thorough evaluation of alternatives, SmartSky was the right choice.”
FlyExclusive operates a fleet of 81 total private jets, including Gulfstream GIV-SPs, Citation Xs and the Excel/XLS, among other Citation models. The company completed 43,067 flight hours in 2021 to become the fourth largest private jet charter operator in the U.S.
Sowers expects FlyExclusive to start operating its first SmartSky-equipped flights by the end of the second quarter.
Check out our recent review of SmartSky’s IFC service during a demonstration flight onboard their at the 2021 National Business Aviation Association conference and exhibition to learn more about the performance of their network.


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