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EVO Jet Launches Trip Support, Partners on Synthetic Fuel – Aviation International News

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EVO Jet Services (Booth 4070) has spun off its fuel business EVO Fuels as a separate division and will establish a new Houston office that will focus on global trip support services with a separate management team.
EVO Fuels also announced that it has partnered with UK-based Zero Petroleum, which is dedicated to the production of fossil-free, petroleum-based transportation fuels. Synthetic fuels are made using renewable power to extract hydrogen from water and capture carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide, and when burned they emit the same amount of carbon as was used in their production.
The Houston EVO office is expected not only to support U.S. jet operators but also develop custom solutions for customers that require night shift and/or weekend coverage or even 24/7 back office assistance for their operations.
“EVO has already executed projects where we either run international ops desks for clients, provide full flight planning teams for airlines, or perform 24-hour flight watch and ops support,” said general manager Denys Trundaiev, who leads a team of industry veterans. “We are here at NBAA with the largest team ever, because we expect a lot of interest in our new offices, our new subscription services, our new digital tools, and our custom solutions for Part 135 and Part 91 operators who fly internationally.”
The company will also make some of its key tools available through collaboration with scheduling and fuel platforms such as Airplane Manager and Fuelerlinx. Two products will be offered initially: airport briefings and fueling estimator. Airport briefings for international destination airports will include airport maps and diagrams that show likely parking ramps for business jets and executive terminals. These will be regularly reviewed and updated by EVO’s staff at least every six months.
An airport fee estimator will help flight departments quickly obtain cost estimates for international destinations. Users simply enter a few key parameters such as aircraft type, hours on ground, and passenger count and they will receive highly accurate pricing estimates thanks to EVO’s advanced algorithms. The system allows users to view airport fees, ground handling charges, and optional services such as lavatory servicing and water. They can also select support services including flight plans, permits, and eAPIS to get a detailed estimate of destination charges leg-by-leg.
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