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Embraer Delivers Its 1,500th Business Jet – Aviation International News


Embraer’s handover this week of a Phenom 300E to Switzerland-based Haute Aviation marks its 1,500th business jet delivery, the Brazilian airframer announced today. This milestone was accomplished in just two decades, besting the industry average of 34 years, according to the OEM, which assembles its Phenom light jets at a facility in Melbourne, Florida.
In all, Embraer has more than 950 customers operating its business jets in more than 80 countries. Its business jet unit has had an annual growth rate of 22 percent since the delivery of its first business jet in 2002. The company estimated that one in every four light and midsize business jet deliveries is an Embraer Phenom or Praetor.
Haute Aviation charters, brokers, and manages business jets and is based at Saanen-Gstaad Airport. "For Haute Aviation, the new Phenom 300E is the best product on the market to complete the range of our fleet,” said Haute head of marketing and communication Catherine Tamagni. “We believe the aircraft’s two engines will suit our passengers who prefer not to fly in a single-engine aircraft, as this allows for uncompromised range and payload performance.”
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