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Cutter Aviation Denver Adds Mobile AOG Unit for Pilatus – Aviation International News


Cutter Aviation has added a dedicated mobile response unit (MRU) for Pilatus aircraft requiring AOG service around its Denver-area authorized Pilatus sales and service center at Centennial Airport (APA). It’s at least the second MRU that Cutter has added for AOG service, with the first from its flagship maintenance facility at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.
“We know aircraft malfunctions don’t always happen at the most convenient locations, such as your base airport or near your service center,” said Cutter Aviation president and CEO Will Cutter. “Based on Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 versatility, we as service centers must be prepared and equipped to help our clients at any remote location their mission has taken them to.”
From APA, Cutter is able to provide Pilatus maintenance and repair with factory-trained technicians, as well as avionics and instrument services as an authorized service center for Honeywell, Garmin, Collins Aerospace, and Advent Aircraft Systems.
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