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Bombardier Launches Mx App for Smart Link Plus Users – Aviation International News


Bombardier today released the myMaintenance app that permits subscribers of its Smart Link Plus program to track, troubleshoot, and manage aircraft service needs via personal electronic devices. Currently available for the Global 7500 and Challenger 300/350, installed Smart Link Plus hardware records aircraft data that allows flight and maintenance crews to proactively troubleshoot aircraft in-flight fault notifications. Similar approvals for the Challenger 604/605/650 and other Globals are pending.
The new myMaintenance App expands Smart Link Plus customers’ ability to troubleshoot any issues via their personal electronic devices in flight (airborne connectivity required) or on the ground, according to Bombardier. Global 7500s are being delivered from the factory with the Smart Link Plus health monitoring units, while retrofit installs recently started for Challenger 300/350s. Bombardier is providing the Smart Link Plus hardware, which was developed with GE Aviation, at no charge to Challenger 300/350 operators.
“Bombardier business jet operators expect the most expedient resolutions to their operating issues, and the new myMaintenance App, available exclusively to Smart Link Plus subscribers, is there to provide that peace of mind,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Bombardier’s executive v-p of services/support and corporate strategy. “The new application is part of our commitment to digital innovations that will benefit our customers as they experience the time and money savings that big data can provide.”
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