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Aerobridge Ramps Up for Hurricane Ida Relief Flights – Aviation International News

Challenger 604

Aerobridge, an organization founded in late 2005 to coordinate disaster-relief efforts by general aviation operators, expects to start flying in relief supplies this afternoon from its staging area at Florida’s Pensacola International Airport (KPNS) to the New Orleans area in the wake of Hurricane Ida.
It will route those supplies to two Louisiana airports in the disaster area—South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr. (KGAO) in Galliano and Houma–Terrebonne (KHUM). Aerobridge said it has a King Air loaded with supplies ready to launch to KGAO once the tail of Ida becomes clear of the area.
Aircraft owners and operators that want to fly supplies into these two airports need to register—or, for previous such volunteers, reregister—at the Aerobridge website. The organization has a list of available missions behind a pilot login page. Volunteers can fly first to KPNS to pick up supplies or, if they have their own supplies, can choose to fly a mission direct to KGAO or KHUM. Regarding the latter, Aerobridge said it will provide a $500 reimbursement per airplane for supplies (up to 10 airplanes; email LeighAnn Wihart for details).
Donated supplies can also be dropped off or ordered and shipped via Amazon to Pensacola Air Center (c/o Aerobridge, 4145 Jerry L. Maygarden Road, Pensacola, FL 32504). Needed supplies include cases of water; flashlights and batteries; diapers; pet food; ready-to-eat foods with pull tops or in sealed easy-to-open packages; tarps, long roofing nails, and furring strips; plastic tubs; sanitary napkins; antibiotic creams; cleaning supplies, bleach, disinfectant, and soaps; duct tape; mosquito repellent; contractor bags; and basic first aid items.
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