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United reminds employees on how not to restrain unruly passengers: 'Tape should never be used' – USA TODAY

Challenger 604

United Airlines last week reminded employees to not restrain unruly passengers with tape, a move that comes after several airlines recently made headlines after videos were shared online of their flight crews doing just that.  
“Please remember that there are designated items onboard that may be used in difficult situations, and alternative measures such as tape should never be used,” John Slater, senior vice president of inflight services at United Airlines, said in a memo shared with inflight crews Friday that was obtained by USA TODAY.  
Slater encouraged employees to de-escalate “difficult situations calmly,” including “discussing the situation with the Captain, Customer Service Representative and Ground Security Coordinator.”   
A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed to USA TODAY that the policy is not new but a reiteration of existing safety guidelines.  
The memo is facing backlash, however, from a major union representing flight attendants. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, said the notice is “a sick marketing stunt by the airline that removed duct tape from cabin in 2014.”   
“The ‘essential’ workers on the frontlines deserve support and respect,” Nelson tweeted, calling for an apology from United Airlines.   
United Airlines declined to comment on Nelson’s tweet. 
Flying: FAA says traveler called in fake plane hijacking threats, another punched a woman holding a baby
Southwest Airlines: Passenger who allegedly struck flight attendant charged with felony battery
The memo comes as airlines have seen an increase in incidents with passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration tweeted Tuesday that it has documented 3,889 unruly reports since the beginning of the year and 2,867 reports of passengers refusing to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic.  
New Unruly Passenger Numbers since 1/1/2021:
– 3,889 unruly reports
– 2,867 refusing to wear a mask reports
– 682 investigation initiated
– 120 cases with penalties
Learn more at
A woman was restrained to her seat with tape on an American Airlines flight in July after allegedly trying to open the plane’s door and attacking a flight attendant.This month, attendants on a Frontier Airlines flight restrained a passenger with duct tape after he allegedly punched and groped crew members.  
USA TODAY has reached out to the AFA for additional information.  


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