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Redbird Pro Gives Pilots Proficiency Score – Aviation International News

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Simulator manufacturer Redbird has released its Redbird Pro app, which allows pilots flying Redbird simulators to measure proficiency and create a plan to support ongoing currency training. The app can also help non-Redbird users with articles, videos, quizzes, and briefings for scenarios that can be flown on other simulators, but without the scoring feature.
Redbird Pro starts by asking the user questions to create a self-assessment. Then the pilot does a baseline flight in a Redbird simulator. Using machine learning, Redbird Pro generates the Pro Score that forms the basis of a personalized training plan.
To help improve flying skills, the Pro app and Score measures the user’s progress and recommends ways to improve proficiency. According to Redbird, “It includes a broad overview of all your training activity and allows you to drill into specific skills and tasks, how much training time you should allot to them, and how you score for them relative to your baseline proficiency and objective.”
The recommended training includes a catalog of training collections focused on specific topics, with articles, quizzes, skill refreshers, and scenarios, some created by Redbird and others from content partners. When using a Redbird simulator with the Pro app, flying the scenarios provides additional data to inform the Pro Score, Redbird said, “which enhances your training plan and allows you to drill even further into the minute details of your flying.”
Later, Redbird plans to add the ability for pilots to connect to their ForeFlight, CloudAhoy, and Pilot Partner accounts for postflight debriefing purposes.
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