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One dead after small plane crash at Provo Airport – Daily Herald

Harrison Epstein, Daily Herald
The Provo Municipal Airport was closed Monday after a plane crashed, killing one and injuring three others. The crash occurred just after takeoff around 11:35 a.m. The plane was a private jet based in the Provo Airport.
The airport will remain closed until officials from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration conduct an investigation into the crash.
“We know it lifted off the ground and shortly thereafter did a nosedive and crashed immediately after liftoff,” said Brian Torgersen, Provo airport director.
The plane was an approximately 10-seater business-jet-sized aircraft carrying two crew members and two passengers. The identities of those onboard were not immediately released to the public.
As of Monday evening, the FAA had conduced its phase of the investigation, but the NTSB team was expected to arrive late Monday and complete its portion early Tuesday.
Original estimates had the airport reopening Tuesday around noon, though Torgerson said those initial estimates are now “highly unlikely” and the closing will likely remain in place until Wednesday. Crews can not begin clearing the plane’s wreckage until after the investigation.
“It does not appear to be weather related, but that’s speculation. We don’t know,” Torgerson said. “We began snowplowing operations at 4 in the morning, had several arrivals and departures. … It appears everything as far as surfaces at the airport were favorable and did not pose undue risk.”
More details are expected to be released in the coming days.
The airport is home base for commercial flights from Breeze Airways and Allegiant Air. According to Ryne Williams, Breeze spokesperson, three of the company’s flights have been impacted by the crash and the airport’s subsequent closing. The company will be taking the lead from the Provo Airport in terms of resuming flight operations.
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