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Milestone Leasing Three AW139s to Thai Aviation – Aviation International News

Challenger 604

Helicopter lessor Milestone Aviation Group will lease three Leonardo AW139 intermediate twins to Thai Aviation Services (TAS) to support a multi-year oil and gas contract recently awarded to the Thailand-based offshore helicopter operator and partner Helistar. According to Milestone, the three helicopters will be delivered in February 2022 and be based in Malaysia.
The helicopters will operate from U-Tapao International Airport and Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport in support of oil and gas production and exploration activities in the Gulf of Thailand, including the territorial waters of Thailand’s neighboring countries, such as Cambodia and Malaysia. TAS’s fleet also comprises Sikorsky S-61N, S-76 A++, S-76 C+, S-76 C++, S76D, and S-92 helicopters.
“We are delighted to expand the TAS fleet with the agreement to lease these three AW139 helicopters from Milestone,” said TAS managing director Suwanawat Koeworakul. “TAS’s existing relationship with Milestone is strengthened by the addition of these aircraft. The three AW139s will help us meet our obligations in providing…offshore service for our customers in Thailand with our partner Helistar in Malaysia.”
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