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IADA Joins Canadian Business Aviation Association | Business Aviation News – Aviation International News

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Less than three months after joining the European Business Aviation Association as an associate member, the International Association of Aircraft Dealers (IADA) has also joined the membership of the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA).
“Several of our member companies have executives that serve on the CBAA board of directors and our dealers are obviously active in Canada, so our board viewed membership in CBAA as a natural extension of IADA’s activities in North America,” said IADA executive director Wayne Starling.
CBAA membership also furthers IADA’s reach into aviation industry affairs beyond Europe and the U.S.—the latter through NBAA membership—Starling added. The development also comes on the business aircraft brokers group’s 30th anniversary, which until a rebranding and reorganization beginning in 2018 was known as the National Aircraft Resale Association.
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