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FlightLevel Aviation Expands Westward – Aviation International News

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New England-based aviation services provider FlightLevel Aviation has moved into the Midwest with the addition of two of FlyBy Air’s three FBOs in Michigan. The deal, which brings FlightLevel to 11 locations, includes the lone FBOs at West Michigan Regional Airport (KBIV) and at Muskegon County Airport (KMKG). At both locations, which will be rebranded over the coming year, FlightLevel negotiated multi-decade lease extensions.
At KBIV, the FBO includes a modern 7,000-sq-ft terminal with 20-foot-high vaulted ceilings, passenger lounge with refreshment bar, two conference rooms, pilot lounge with shower facilities, and crew car. Its 12,000-sq-ft of hangar space can shelter up to midsize jets. The company will also take on management and maintenance of the airport. In Muskegon, the FBO offers a 2,000-sq-ft terminal and 40,000 sq ft of hangar space capable of accommodating large-cabin business jets.
FlyBy will retain its FBO at Traverse City, along with its aircraft charter, management, maintenance, and flight school operations.
“We weren't necessarily looking to expand westward but when we took a closer look at the FBOs and their surrounding demographics, it seemed to make sense from a growth perspective, especially in the post-pandemic landscape for general aviation,” said FlightLevel founder and CEO Peter Eichleay. “We definitely have improvements planned at both locations and I'm optimistic that the overall investment will pan out according to our vision."
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