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FAA Releases Notam for NBAA-BACE | Business Aviation News – Aviation International News

In preparation for an anticipated jump in aircraft movements surrounding NBAA-BACE, the FAA has issued a notam with revised air traffic procedures for October 8 to 14 in the Las Vegas area. NBAA said the procedures, which take effect in the days leading up to the association's October 12 to 14 convention, are intended to minimize delays.
The procedures affect operations at the NBAA-BACE static display host airport—Henderson Executive (KHND)—as well as at North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) and Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS).
To avoid a concentration of departures at one time at KHND and KLAS, the agency is recommending that operators register their intended departure time. This is not a slot program, the FAA stressed, adding, “This is a new program for general aviation that will allow you to submit an intended departure time, view demand information for your departure airport, and give you a better awareness of busy departure times, allowing you and your customers to make informed departure time decisions.” The agency further recommends filing a flight plan between 12 and 22 hours before departure.
KHND is requiring reservations for all aircraft parking, drop-offs, and pick-ups, and may ask arrivals without prior parking arrangements to depart if parking capacity is reached. Operators can call the KHND FBO at (702) 261-4800 to make reservations or use an HND NBAA-BACE Reservation and Service Request Form.
Aircraft arriving into KHND are advised to follow certain preferred arrival routes but also to be prepared for “dynamic reroutes that will allow an orderly transition of all users inbound to the controlled airports.”
The FAA is advising that other traffic management initiatives, including “gate-hold” procedures, could be applied during congested traffic times.
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