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Coradine Rolls Out LogTen for Apple Watch | Business Aviation News – Aviation International News

Professional pilot logbook software provider Coradine has launched LogTen on Apple Watch. Already available for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the new LogTen logbook application allows pilots in the flight deck to file and access essential flight information through their watch.
“Coradine is committed to creating technology to accelerate the future of aviation,” said CEO Noah Lieberman. “LogTen for Apple Watch is a natural step on that journey. With just a tap on the wrist when the pilot leaves the gate at JFK, and another when they arrive in SFO, they can make sure they are logging flights and staying safely within regulated limits."
LogTen for Apple Watch captures details and then automatically updates on all of the pilot’s devices. Pilots can tap “Fly Now” to start a flight entry in their logbook and “Out” when they leave their parking spot, with an option to change the time if necessary. Once the out time is logged, the takeoff airport is logged automatically using GPS coordinates. Upon arrival, the pilot taps “In” to finish logging the flight.
LogTen will provide a summary with the departure and arrival airports, block time, air time, and night time—all of which are automatically registered. The flight is then logged.
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