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Can Air Travel Be Environmentally Friendly? Airlines Want You to Think So – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Surveillance. Live from London and New York, bringing insight on global markets and the top business stories of the day.
The economy and markets are “under surveillance”. Bloomberg Surveillance, covering the latest news in finance, economics and investments.
As prominent equestrians are banned and even arrested, some traditionalists are taking aim at the Olympic watchdog created to protect young athletes.
Harley-Davidson Beats Estimates as Prices Offset Retail Sales Drop
JPMorgan Asset Sees Treasury Rout Worsening on Inflation Risks
UK Real Wages Fell at Sharpest Pace Since 2010 Financial Crisis
Brazil Set to Hold Key Rate Ahead of Runoff Vote: Decision Guide
Spain Says It Can Avoid Recession Despite Headwinds
Dabur India to Buy Majority Stake in Spice Maker Badshah Masala
US 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Tops 7%, Hits Highest Since 2001
Musk Tells Bankers He Plans to Close Twitter Deal on Friday
Cashierless Checkout Startup Raises $100 Million to Compete With Amazon
Mercedes Sees Strong Demand Defying Mounting Economic Woes
UK Energy Secretary Gets Power to Cap Income From Renewables
UK Seeking to Plug £35 Billion Fiscal Shortfall on Nov. 17
Kanye West Drops Off Forbes Billionaires’ List After Adidas Cuts Ties
New Visa to Let Tourists With $130,000 Live in Bali for 10 Years
Cacio e Pepe Goes Beyond Pasta to Become the New Pumpkin Spice
Suns Push Past Warriors for 134-105 Win, Thompson Ejected
Russia’s Big Concern Is Finding Buyers for Oil Shunned by Europe
Fed Pullback? Not If It’s Watching the Bond Market Closely
Stock Rally Faces a Wall of Risk in Fed, Jobs and Midterms
From Bedrooms to Kitchens, Europe Ponders How Cold Is Too Cold
No, Artists and Designers Aren’t About to Lose Their Jobs to AI
10 Takeaways From Matt Levine’s ‘The Crypto Story’
UK Tells LGBT Football Fans to Be ‘Respectful’ of Qatar at World Cup
Ex-Deutsche Bank Trader Sues for Bonus After Bad Bank Shutdown
African Efficient Stove Program Targets Pollution, Deforestation
Earth’s on Track to Warm Above 2C Despite Climate Action
Denver Supportive Housing Experiment Breaks Street-to-Jail Cycle
Vancouver Pays Tribute to Chinese Canadian History Amid Spike in Anti-Asian Racism
Wall Street’s Pandemic-Fueled Boom Is Over, DiNapoli Says
Crypto’s New Class of Kingpins Emerge After The Merge
Fed’s Waller ‘Not a Big Fan’ of Central Bank Digital Currencies
What is Crypto For? Matt Levine Wants To Know


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