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AEROAFFAIRES: fly by private jet anywhere in the world –

AEROAFFAIRES is an on-demand private jet rental. AEROAFFAIRES is a family-owned business created in 1991.Thus, they  have more than 30 years of experience in the rental of private jet business, while always finding the best innovative ways for customer satisfaction. They offer best-in-class features, tailor-made and premium experience to satisfy your needs.
Their motto is to make renting a private jet as easy as booking a taxi. For this, they use best practices from various companies to make the whole process easy, accessible and fun.
They work efficiently  in order to offer the best prices on the market for you.
Making affordable the rental of a private jet is one of their key missions. They offer flights around the globe with a lot of destinations available.
You could be renting a private jet for several reasons such as prestige, efficiency, easy to use, rapidity of the process etc. However, you can also decide to rent a private jet depending on what type of trip you are planning.
What comes first to mind as a type of flight for a private jet is business trips. Indeed, private jets are often connotated with success, businessmen, CEOs, etc. They are also most of the time used for this purpose.
There are a lot of perks for using a private jet for business travel, such as working on the plane. Indeed, in most of the private jets you can work directly inside the plane, no waste of time. AEROAFFAIRES even offers some additional features to ensure best work conditions with spacious seats, internet availability, etc. You could also use a private jet in order to attend important business meetings, as the onboarding is easier and quicker than the usual public plane. You could also even have meetings directly in your rented private jet. Indeed, if you have to go from a certain place with a client, you might as well use this time to have a meeting that will be unforgettable.
A last possible use is to use a private jet for team building purposes. Indeed, you could want to rent private jets as a group to start a seminar, team building activity, team holiday, etc.
You could also opt to rent a private jet from AEROAFFAIRES for your family trips. Indeed, it is less expensive than what people think to rent a private jet. It could be a good idea if you are planning family vacation and want an easy onboarding, flexible departure and no stress trip.
An amazing idea could be WORLD TRIP
You could also think about first class when you are thinking of premium booking. The main differences between flying in a private jet and in first class are detailed here.
AEROAFFAIRES is a family owned business that has been in the industry for more than 30 years. They have established a strong relationship with a lot of prestigious partners. They also have a lot of accreditations stipulating their seriousness and security. Indeed,  they are members of different associations of the EBAA ( European Business Aviation Association). AEROAFFAIRES is also certified ARGUS and TTP, which ensure that their fleet is supervised, maintained and up to date regarding regulations.
They also provide first-class customer service. Indeed, their team is at your disposal every day of the week, 24h/24. They also have a fleet of more than 7500 private jets at their disposal and granted access to more than 8000 airports around the world, with some VIP access. They booked more than 30 000 trips and their services were used by more than 100 000 passengers. Moreover, one of their main strengths is their network. Indeed, they work actively with more than 850 air operators.
Their main focus is customer satisfaction, with more than 100 reviews and an average of 4.9/5 AEROAFFAIRES try to improve our services every day by listening to our clients.
Their unique technology also guarantees the best price for your trip in the quickest time possible. They offer a large choice of add-ons so that the experience is pushed at its best. You can book trips anytime of the week everyday. AEROAFFAIRES does its best to find the most suitable option for your demand.
AEROAFFAIRES are also attached to making this world a better place to live. This is why in 2019 they decided to have an objective to reduce our carbon footprint. They offer the possibility of carbon offsetting to our customers.
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